Our last few days in England for a while

Bit of a wordy one this one and for that I apologise but it’s been a bit of a busy couple of weeks and sitting here alongside the pontoon in L’aberwrach feels like the first time we’ve had to reflect.

Salcombe is such a special place for us for many reasons and it seemed only right that we spend some time switching from shore life to cruising life there.

We had a precious couple of days visit from my Mum and Tim. His Parkinson’s condition meant that the beach wasn’t much fun for him however we did manage to get him onboard for dinner which was great. Having to say see you soon was not so great.

We’d also been ‘stalked’ from the Solent by the Fitz’s on Sea Badger – this meant big beach days, paddleboarding, rosé, and hammock time! No sooner had they left to head further west to Cornwall than our cruising buddies for the hop across Biscay arrived on Tobacsco. We moved from a bouy off the town to the visitors pontoon up the bag out of the wind for 48 hours.

One of the reasons Salcombe is so special is because it is home to my lovely Aunty Ann and Uncle Mike who never seem to age! It was wonderful to spend time with them and not just because they let us abuse their washing machine! They also hosted my Dad for a few days – It really was so special to be back in Salcombe with him on the beach from which he taught me to sail as a child. We also spent a day avoiding the rain at Plymouth aquarium. Plus the obligatory pizza at Captain Flints! (They’ve been open 30 years this year – we worked out I’d only actually missed 6 of those years)

Tom and I became increasingly obsessed about checking the weather for the optimum window to cross the Channel – Fillipo and Nora were keen to get going too so with very mixed emotions we set sail from Salcombe on Saturday morning for the overnight passage to L’aberwrach. The first half of the passage saw great wind but a nasty swell – both of the boys were sick but to their absolute credit neither one made a single moan. They were rewarded with a stunningly clear night of stars. We crossed together with Tobacsco in sight the whole way – Filippo even complimented us on our speed – high praise indeed from one of the fastest sailors we know!

The wind dropped and came round on the nose during the night so we motored the last few hours arriving pretty tired but with a sense that we’d made that first step into unknown waters and that our adventure had truly begun.

2 thoughts on “Our last few days in England for a while

  1. Sandra Horgan

    Thanks for your brilliant posts am loving hearing all about it and seeing your beautiful photos. You are all truly amazing and lovely 😊 xxx


  2. Rowan

    Lovely to read this Phil, and so glad you had a good last few days in Salcombe (love it there). Look forward to the next instalment xxxx


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