“We’re retiring to Brittany – it’s bloody gorgeous” I declared on returning from a run along the coast of L’aberwrach. It may have been a dose of the post run endorphins talking but the coastline here really is beautiful.

We had a very short but sweet two nights in L’aberwrach. We arrived at 8am after a bumpy first half of the Channel crossing and uneventful motor the second half. Tom and I were shattered so in a desperate parenting measure we gave the boys their kindles for some serious Minecraft action whilst we passed out for a couple of hours. Spent the rest of the day wandering aimlessly about ending up on the beach for a couple of hours before crashing out again. Thinking ahead to crossing Biscay and how we can best regulate our sleep on a longer passage with the boys on board.

The highlight of our stop here was an evening of local cider and crêpes with (most) of the Tobacsco crew. (Tom & Filippo spent most of the evening with their heads in Tobasco’s engine bay!)

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