From L’aberwrach we sailed/motored down a very benign Chanel du Four to Camaret Sur Mer.

We’d heard varying horror stories about this stretch of water and when Tom last did it it was clouded in thick fog. This time it was very peaceful and calm indeed.

In Camaret we spent 5 nights – beaching, walking, faffing about on the boat. The boys also made their first Bella to Tabasco and back swim.

One thing we did establish in Camaret is that my French is disastrous! “I think you should leave speaking French to the French – you sound like someone off Allo Allo” (Tom to me)

Filippo from s/v Tabasco is fully in charge of all future Beach selections – he told us about this awesome surf beach 3km from the marina which we absolutely loved!

The original idea had been to use Camaret as our spring board for Biscay but the weather had other ideas.

4 thoughts on “Camaret-sur-Mer

  1. Matt Edwards

    Hello, we are envious already of your adventure, we wish you every joy in your trip, and look forward to your future adventures. Our names are Matt Jackie, friends of your father. We met up with you, at the sailing club just before your departure. We wish you safe harbour, and be safe. Looking forward to further news. Enjoy the sunshine, as we have little of it here at the moment. Regards Matt Jackie xx👫🇬🇧

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  2. Martin 31 August 2018 age 80 McArthur

    Glad to hear Tom remembers the fog. As skipper, on my first trip to France,
    I was horrified by the fog and was seriously worried, hoping my trainee navigator would cope. Between us we managed, what a relief when the fog cleared, after I had identified a North cardinal mark on a fish farm. Camaret looked wonderful as our first foreign port!

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    1. tom_bella1836

      I didn’t know you were worried! I thought you were as calm and anything.
      “Sometimes ‘nothing’ is the right thing to do” you said as I was frantically trying to work out if we were in a safe position in the fog. I still mentally refer to that.
      It was all before chart plotter and I learnt so much while navigating us down the French coast with you on Talisman all those years ago.


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