Hiding in Brest

Image:Stan and Ted with Patrick and Sean from s/v Tabasco.

Gah bloody Biscay – a big depression in the middle of the bay of Biscay meant that we decided to go and hide in Brest for a couple of nights. Thank goodness we did too as we saw 40+ knots in the marina so it would have been awful it was out in the open sea.

However – every cloud and all that – despite torrential rain and wind we “enjoyed” a 5km run/contraban scooter (long story will tell you another time) to the Oceanopolis aquarium and a morning in the biggest Decathlon we’ve ever seen!

How did those scooters get onboard?
Ted washing up!
Big shop

2 thoughts on “Hiding in Brest

  1. So are you guys home schooling the boys. You picked a good time to leave England, with that new mad hatter running the show. When you’ve done the Caribbean head for the Panama and North to BC. We could use adventurous people here.


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