Ria Muros

Time to ‘go round the corner’ along the coast that’s known cheerfully locally as the Costa del Morte (Coast of death! For anyone who’s Spanish is as rubbish as mine)

Despite it’s well deserved fearsom reputation, rounding Cape Finisterre was awesome. We had a stunning day sail from Camarinas to an anchorage just round the corner from the little town of Muros.The boys wasted no time getting in the water – although being the Atlantic the water is still pretty chilly.

After two nights at the anchorage hooning around on the beach we popped around the corner for the weekend in the marina. The weather was due to be a bit rubbish and we needed to get some jobs done – boring domestic stuff like shopping, washing, refilling with water – jobs that, on land would take a few minutes seem to take hours in boat world. Not sure how ‘helpful’ the boys were when it came to washing the boat down!

On Saturday night we learned a very valuable life lesson – never refuse an invitation from a Dutchman offering to make pancakes! We had a lovely evening onboard Kobbe eating our bodyweight in delicious pancakes – thank you to Ellie and Kas for your hospitality and being totally unphased by 4 boys roaming all over your lovely boat.

We left the marina on Sunday afternoon totally exhausted from two full on days of jobs, (including Tom fixing the oven hooray) socialising and sightseeing. We decided to return for one more night at the anchorage in bay round the corner to collect our thoughts before making our next move.

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