Ria de Arousa

Spending this time in the Galacian Ria’s we are learning so much – most of all I feel like we are really learning to cruise. This may sound mad as we’ve been sailing on Bella every year since we bought her but since having the boys most of our sailing has been long (usually overnight) offshore passages to get to Devon, The Channel Islands or France, where we collapse in an exhausted heap for a week before the next big passage. Finally we seem to have learned how to do smaller coastal hops of a few hours every day or two drop the hook, have a swim and a look around and move on again.

We made three stops in and around Ria de Arousa. On leaving Muros we headed south into the largest of the Galacian Rias. Each Ria seems more developed than the last. We spent the first, pretty rolly night off what we had hoped would be a sheltered bay. After a stunning but physically tough upwind sail to the anchorage we were a bit disappointed to find that what had in theory looked to be sheltered wasn’t actually that sheltered or attractive to go ashore. So after a short night we picked our way through the fish farms the next morning round to the little town of Palmeira. Stunning beach and very pretty little town where we spent two nights.

Big news on board – whilst here was that we finally managed to catch our first fish! We are pretty sure that it was a Gurnard – the irony of this will not be lost on our island friends! It was too little for the pan / we couldn’t bare to kill it so we released it back into the sea.

We then moved from Palmeira to an anchorage in a cove just on the southern edge of Ria Aurosa which would give us a short hop across to the national park of the Isle of Ons the following day.

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