Isla Ons

Image:Stan & Ted concentrating on their chess game on the way to Ons.

We do love an island. Just off the west coast of Galicia are several islands which are national parks for which you need a permit to cruise around and a separate one to anchor. This permit process was actually pretty straightforward so once we had aquired the necessary documents and ensured favourable weather we headed for an anchorage off the Isla de Ons.

Our first experience of the famous Galician fog
Tabasco, Bella and Anna are the three nearest boats here.

Thankfully our anchorage off the nudist beach was far from the little port where endless day-trippers arrived on ferries from the mainland.

If you were to read the boys diaries from these last few days there is a distinct theme of ‘ we went for a big long (hot) walk then spent the afternoon on the beach’. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to spot any lizards whilst on Ons. However we did see lots of crickets and butterflies. We also experienced our first nudist beach and I had a glorious run around the southern part of the island.

One thought on “Isla Ons

  1. The Kobbe crew loves the sun, too. Today we sailed up to the end of the Ria de Vigo. Fog is marching in from under de bridge and then disappears in thin air. We are in de sun. Nice and quiet here.


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