Combarro and Barra aka the ‘noody’ place

“Noody”, yes ….. Thought that might get your attention. At the top of the Ria Pontevedra is the super picturesque little village of Combarro which we rocked up at on Saturday afternoon after a great sail alongside Tabasco, (I still get a kick out of vaguely managing to keep up with Filippo!) just in time to witness a fleet of traditional gaff riggers racing around the anchorage.

We headed ashore for some speed vitelling (not sure we’ve ever managed to restock the boat with fresh food so quickly – the beer tent was calling obviously). Had fun tapas supper with the crews of Tabasco, Kobbe & Anna then found ourselves in the middle of a fiesta/crazy open air rock concert.

By 11pm the boys were shattered so we headed back to the boat to listen to the rest of the concert which seemed to go on all night!

Combarro anchrage at night

Sunday was a very quiet day. Stan, our resident artist spent about an hour at the feet of a local street artist on Sunday afternoon firing a barrage of questions at him about art materials and painting techniques. He was VERY happy when the man gave him his own bit of paper to paint on.

On Monday morning, after a quick top up with water and fuel we motor-sailed out of Pontevedra and round the corner in to the mouth of the Ria Vigo. There, we anchored just of a beach which wasn’t in our cruising guide but looked good on the charts. As we dropped anchor in a very pretty bay I got out the binoculars to check what the waves were like to get ashore – it was at this point we realised we’d anchored off a very popular nudist beach or ‘the noody place’ as the boys have been calling it. Not a stitch on anyone and one of the prettiest places we’ve been so far. Really glad we went “off the guidebook” in this instance.

Barra “noody” beach anchorage
“noody” beach as Stan and Ted called it.

We had planned to head off to Cies on the second morning but the fog meant that we decided to go for a walk ashore instead – one of the upsides of this was getting to see our first lizard.

Bella (taken from Tabasco)

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