The little island of Cies is simply stunning. We managed to get 3 nights anchoring permits here. We walked, ran and climbed all over the island with Tobasco and by ourselves. Pine forests, jaw dropping views, lizards and alot more tourists than we had seen on Ons.

lighthouse climb

On the day we should have left we woke up to super thick fog – I HATE sailing in fog. (Pre-AIS memories of childhood trips across the Channel in fog hearing the chug chug of BIG boats passing VERY close in the gloom…. anyway..)

Stan going for bread on the island while we wait for the fog to lift.

We waited and waited for the fog to clear and by mid afternoon it seemed to be lifting …a little. So we decided to set off and hope it would carry on clearing on the way to Baiona.

It’s fair to say that we saw NOTHING all the way. One of us driving the boat with a boy on either side keeping look out and the other adult below driving the chart table. Fortunately, the fog lifted just enough as we arrived into Baiona marina – our first Marina in 2 weeks – I think we all slept very soundly that night.

3 thoughts on “Cies

  1. Sara Selander

    Inspiring blog! I’m glad I will be able to follow your family adventure. Enjoy you’re sail! //Swedish Sara 🇸🇪
    Instagram: @dania_selander


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