Hair today … gone tomorrow.

The hair (mine) had to go at some point. It has been falling out in handfuls for the last few weeks and driving Tom mad as it keeps finding its way into the bilges. The first thing I did when we arrived in Baiona was find a hairdresser. With a combination of my pigeon Spanish, Pinterest and Google translate this was the final result!

Marinas now mean jobs – washing, shopping, fixing, mending, cleaning – it’s surprising how much genuine joy can be found when you realise that there is a good laundrette within 200m of the marina!

We also found a bit of time for some sightseeing.

I managed my first run in with the Spanish police – evidently you’re not allowed to run alongside a deserted road (alright it may have been a little motorway) on a Sunday morning!

Baiona also saw us begin Boat School. Tom and I were more nervous than the boys about this prospect – both boys very keen – not sure how long that’s going to last but let’s see shall we?! The general plan is that we do 3 hours each morning – split evenly between Tom and I – 5 days a week.

boat school begins

3 thoughts on “Baiona

  1. Sue

    Great hair, Phil. Have been loving the blog, noting down all the places we should go! Great writing and brilliant photos. Hope the boys are enjoying boat school – surely more fun than ordinary school. Tell them Olivia has worn us down and we are getting a dog!


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