Cascais & Sintra

Image:The well of initiation, Sintra.
Image:Look up.

I’m always telling the kids to look up – sometimes that’s where the best view is. This is the view from the galley hatch on the way from Leixoes(Porto) to Cascais. The 30 hour passage was pretty tiring with neither Tom or I getting much sleep. Fortunately Ted got up early so kept me company in that tough dawn hour by talking at me and holding my eyelids open!

Our arrival in Cascais – very tired but celebrating sailing over 1000 nautical miles since leaving Cowes

Whilst in Cascais, the boys and I had a day trip to the quirky village of Sintra. It was a full on and pretty exhausting day but so much fun. We managed to visit the Moorish Castle, Pena Palace gardens and Quinta de Regaleria. (Rumoured to be the inspiration for some of Harry Potter’s scenes – Boys loved it!). On the way home the bus route took us via the westerly most point of mainland Europe – Cabo da Rocha.

Sintra link:

This single day trip has also formed the basis of a week long school project to design and write a tourist guide. I feel like we definitely got our monies worth.

Note the all important ice cream stops

We also enjoyed hanging out in Cascais…even the day it blew 40 knots in the anchorage. (Mostly…. although we’d gone ashore, Tom spent all afternoon obsessively checking our AIS GPS position to make sure we weren’t dragging our anchor!). Bella didn’t budge. Horray for our lovely new anchor- long may she hold us safe.



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