Lisbon & more Cascais

On the road again

Looking back, our week anchored off Cascais was pretty busy – on Friday afternoon after school we rented bikes from the marina and headed north out of Cascais on the excellent cycle track(Thanks for the tip JT X). The boys loved being on bikes again but it was pretty hot. We covered 18km in total and were very happy for an evening of vegging in front of a movie afterwards.


On Saturday, being just 40 minutes on the train from Lisbon, we made our way into Portugal’s capital city. Lisbon is a great place but after such a busy week, Ted and I were also a bit under the weather. It was super hot and full of tourists. I’m afraid we didn’t necessarily get the most out of our day in the capital. We did however manage an obligatory ride on the famous number 28 tram line and find the kids all time favourite ice cream shop.

The original plan had been to go into a marina for a couple of nights but we were all pretty happy on the hook – especially our bank balance. Portugal seems suddenly very expensive compared to the Spanish Rias. We were a bit horrified when the marina wanted to charge us for a short stay AND for water AND vat which would have cost us over 40 euros in total just to fill with water. In the end we decided for one less shower and to press on South. Good job WhatsApp video doesn’t have smellivison!

Time to ‘pop round the corner’ now – another bit of a milestone as the last two months have been all about heading South. The next passage from Cascais to Sagres would take us round the corner of Portugal and West to the Algarve.

2 thoughts on “Lisbon & more Cascais

  1. Sara

    So nice to follow your blog, even though we after Cascais stop following your track. Enjoy the Mediterranean, we’re off to Madeira later this week – if the winds and swells are with us 😊// Sara


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