Image: The crew of Spirit lifting our spirits.
Image:Maths lesson on the way to Portimao.

We were in dire need offshore pressing the reset button by the time we got to Portimao (Well I was). The boat was filthy, the laundry bag was over flowing and we were very low on water and food. Within 2 hours of our arrival in the marina we had met the lovely crew of Spirit and that was pretty much the last we saw of the boys for the rest of the week!

Sometimes on our journey through life I think we are meant to meet certain people at a certain time. I think this is the case with Ole, Trine, Victoria, Amelia and Cecelia. Feeling a little glum and missing Tobasco – the crew of Spirit arrived to quite literally raise our spirits (Not to mention the alcohol levels in my blood!). The sense of our paths being meant to cross was further compounded when we were invited aboard to find a model of Victoria Clipper from the 05/06 race (The race on which Tom and I met). This model was gifted to us on the morning of our departure and the boys have had great fun rigging and re-rigging her.

We were sorry to have to leave our new friends behind as they prepare to cross the Atlantic whilst we head for the Med (Although suspect my liver was quite relieved to set sail again). Safe sailings Spirit!

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