Tobasco Tobasco this is Bella Bella over….

The passage from Cascais to Sagres was probably our most spectacular to date in terms of wild life. We rendezvoused with Tabasco in Lisbon bay in what has come to be our standard cruising formation. We were set to motor initially as the wind wasn’t due to pick up for a few hours. This gave us all time for some radio chat and a very chilled out Sunday morning. …..and then came the Whales!!!!

It was utterly awe inspiring and humbling to see these great creatures up close enough we could smell their krilly breath from their blow holes. The were ENORMOUS and at one point swam right under the boat which was a bit scary. The family of Minke whales stayed with us for over an hour. No sooner had they left than we were joined by pods and pods of dolphins and pilot whales. No photos really do these creatures justice but it was awesome!

The wind kicked in during the afternoon and we cracked on South rounding ‘the corner’ into Sagres bay at 5 in the morning.

A family on Minke whales
And the dolphins….
And the Pilot Whales!

Cruising together with Tobasco was never really a deliberate plan but from Salcombe to Sagres – over 1000 miles and just over two months – it has been so much fun. We also always knew that at some point we’d have to say “see you soon” (Cruisers don’t say goodbye) as Tobasco’s plan was always to winter in Italy and ours to winter in Spain. However once we rounded the corner in to the Algarve, both boats realised just how much further we still had to sail to reach our respective winter berths.

If we had have realised that the afternoon we spent together on Sagres beach was to be our last for a little while we would definitely made more of a fuss. However, on reflection maybe it’s better this way. Sail safe Tobasco – see you soon.

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