Image: Gadis statue looking out to sea near the marina.

The passage from the bottom of the river Guadiana took us just over 12 hours overnight and was pretty full on. At one point we had 3 tankers and a fishing boat bearing down on us – I was on the helm so called down to wake Tom. In his haste to get to the VHF radio he accidentally managed to kick the main boat power switch off and we lost all lights, radio, instruments and AIS transmission. We were invisible in the dark night. The whole episode only lasted a few moments before we realised the cause and got power back on but it definitely got the adrenalin pumping! Despite this and the fact it was a bit bouncy we loved being back out at sea.

There was a pretty hefty swell running into Cadiz bay as we approached the marina entrance and we were a bit nervous about how we’d be able to moor up. However the moment we turned the corner of the breakwater the swell vanished and we made our way in reasonably calmly.

Bella in a very well lit Cadiz marina.
Cadiz Marina

It had been a good few weeks since Bella had had a decent wash so after a bit of kip and a notional nod to some school work we set the boys to work. They are both becoming useful members of the crew.

Boat duties
Baking Banana bread

I really liked Cadiz – the place has a great feel to it (Interesting city with beach) and if the marina had been more central with better facilities and a bit more going on, I would have been happy to spend the winter there.

More scootering.

Again….thank goodness we brought the scooters! We spent a happy few days hooning around the city and the evenings sitting in the cockpit watching the enormous cruise ships to and fro.

Let me in!
Phil in Cadiz

We intended to leave Cadiz and head straight for Gibraltar/La Linea. It was going to take a full day sail (around 15 hours) but when we got up before dawn the wind was howling and heavy rain was forcast – so we went back to bed, left later and anchored half way for the night.

Barbate rolly anchorage

The anchorage at Barbate turned out to be very rolly. We had dinner holding onto our plates and considered a misserable night sleep. After dark, just before bedtime, we pulled the anchored and headed into the marina. We slept well and woke ready for the Straights of Gibraltar.

EXTRA: while in Cadiz we left Bella for 5 days and headed to Seville which will be covered in an extra post coming soon.

One thought on “Cadiz

  1. Martin 21 Oct 2019 age 80

    I really love your posts and am very jealous of your achievements. Very pleased to have had a very small hand in tom’s development as a navigator. He got Talisman from Penzance to La Rochelle, especially arriving at the Chenal De Four at exactly the right time, the fog was not his fault!


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