Image: Plaza de Espana.

It’s September 1990 and I’ve just started high school. I’m in my first French lesson with the slightly scary Miss Macarron and in walks the tour de force that is Jane Leese. She sits down next to me and immediately starts talking – alot… and so began a life long friendship! Jane now lives in Seville with her lovely husband Jon and two wonderful girls. I had taken the boys out to see her the previous year and they were desperate to visit again. Not quite sure what they were most excited about – seeing Jane or Chester the dog or playing in the pool or having massively expensive but delicious ice creams in the shape of flowers! Whatever, both boys had been counting the sleeps until we went to Seville again.

From Cadiz it was just 1hour 40 on the train so whilst the wind was blowing the wrong way for entering the Med, we took our chance to visit. Whilst we were there we also celebrated Tom’s birthday. I will let Tom’s photos do the rest of the talking for this post but we had a wonderful few days. Huge thank you to Jane and Jon for their hospitality.

Seville train.
Bus to city
Torro del Oro
Model of Christopher Columbus’s boat the Santa Maria
Torro del Oro
Torch cafe
Up the mushroom building.
Mushroom building
Plaza de Espana

Seville train station. Back to Cadiz.

5 thoughts on “Sevilla

  1. Eli Husum

    Lovely photos and you write like an journalist, Phil! I look forward to read more on your blog! Say hello to all your boys from us on «Anna». Eli and Hans


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